Naugard® Amine Antioxidants

Naugard® Amine Antioxidants

Key Applications

hose covering, tubing, conveyor belts, wire & cable jacketing, gaskets, seals, mechanical goods, automotive

Product Description

Naugard® Amine Antioxidants are extremely versatile antioxidants for rubber applications to protect against heat and oxidative degradation and provide excellent protection at high temperatures. Additionally, they are relatively non-discolorig during heat aging, have little susceptibility to bloom, and little to no effect on cure rate.


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Naugard® 445 Naugard® 445 is an aromatic amine antioxidant and heat stabilizer for rubber and plastics characterized by high amine antioxidant activity, good color, and low volatility. It is available in granular and powder form.  SDS* TDS
Naugard® FoamPlus LE 5 Highly efficient synergistic liquid antioxidant blend for stabilizing polyether and polyester polyols used in polyurethane production, especially fleixble slabstock foams. Allows polyol producers to meet the automotive industry's stringent emissions specifications. Excellent scorch protection. Applications include furniture, bedding, coating, and automotive. SDS TDS
Naugard® Q Drop Naugard® Q Drop is a processing and long-term heat stabilizer for polyolefin systems and is particularly efficient in carbon black-filled polymer systems such as wire and cable and geomembranes. SDS* TDS
Naugard® Super Q Naugard® Super Q is a processing and long-term stabilizer for a variety of polyolefins, especially carbon black filled systems used in applications like wire and cable or geomembranes.  SDS* TDS