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Polymer Stabilizers for Infrastructure

Infrastructure encompasses the entire network of transportation, communication, energy grids, and logistics of freight services. Recently, the United States passed one of the largest infrastructure deals to improve the competitiveness of their subsequent nationwide infrastructure. The sheer size of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law can provide a massive growth opportunity for polymer manufacturers based in the United States.

What Does This All Mean For Polymers?

This sweeping $1.2 trillion bipartisan package will offer new possibilities for domestically made plastic and elastomer end-products looking to innovate toward sustainable solutions. The US construction industry and manufacturing will experience many new opportunities and funding allocations.

Where Are the Opportunities?

  • $110 billion for roads and bridges
  • $66 billion for railroads
  • $65 billion for the power grid
  • $65 billion for broadband
  • $63 billion for water infrastructure
  • $50+ billion for cybersecurity and climate change
  • $39 billion for public transit
  • $25 billion for airports
  • $17 billion for shipping ports
  • $11 billion for safe highways and pipelines
  • $7.5 billion for electric vehicle charging stations
  • $7.5 billion for electric school buses

SI Group Solutions

How can SI Group solutions support your infrastructure bid? The SI Group portfolio of chemical additives, from antioxidants to polymer modifiers to UV stabilizers, offers infrastructure components with long-term performance and degradation protection. Resins are chosen based on the property envelope, and stabilization systems ensure the resin properties are maintained for the polymer’s expected lifetime.



Adhesives used in industrial construction applications are expected to offer high performance through strength, flexibility, and impact resistance. Antioxidants are critical to protecting against degradation caused by exposure to oxygen, with increasingly demanding regulations and requirements for structural and industrial adhesives.

Grade Chemistry Summary
ANOX™ 20 Phenolic General all-purpose antioxidant suitable for moisture-curable hot melt, SBC-based hot melt, nonwoven lamination, and acrylic- and SBC-based PSA
ALKANOX™ 240 Phosphite General purpose phosphite antioxidant offering synergistic effect with phenolic antioxidant and providing balanced performance in viscosity holding and color in hot-melt adhesives (e.g., polyester hot melt)
NAUGARD™ 445 Aminic Amine antioxidant and heat stabilizer for toughened cyanoacrylate, PSA tapes, variety types of hot melts, or Epoxy adhesives


Infrastructure coatings are required to protect pipes and tanks from the effects of water or chemical exposure. Coatings can lengthen the lifespan and mechanical properties of the equipment and allow for delayed corrosion. SI Group has a range of solutions for industrial coatings, from phenolic resins to antioxidants to UV stabilizers, that not only help maintain structural integrity but also increase the equipment’s functional life.

Powder Coatings Solutions

Grade Chemistry Summary
LOWILITE™ 28 Benzotriazole General-purpose benzotriazole with low base color
LOWINOX™ 44B25 Phenolic High-activity, nondiscoloring phenolic antioxidant with chemical and hydrolytic stability for polyester resins
ANOX™ PP18 Hindered Phenolic General-purpose phenolic antioxidant with good solubility

Liquid Coatings Solutions

Grade Chemistry Summary
ANOX™ 1315 Phenolic Low-viscosity liquid phenolic antioxidant with good solubility in nonpolar substrates
LOWINOX™ GP45 Phenolic High molecular weight phenolic antioxidant with very low volatility and excellent resistance to extraction
LOWILITE™ 55 Benzotriazole UV light absorber that offers a high degree of photostability

Wire and Cables

Wire and cables have a broad range of infrastructure applications, from solar panels to wind turbines to broadband and telecommunications. Insulation and jacketing products created from extrusion may experience a degradation process called water treeing when exposed to moisture or electrical stress. Polyethylene wire insulation can benefit from the exceptionally effective ETHANOX™ 330 antioxidant that protects against degradation from high-temperature exposure.

EV Charging Stations

Electric vehicle charging stations require wire and cable components. Polymer materials, such as polyamides, will also experience significant growth to maximize the EV charger’s efficiency. Whether that includes inner power electronics or EV chargers, pumps, manifolds, system tubing, and connectors must guarantee durability and safety. Thermal management from high-voltage requirements and UV protection is achieved by incorporating antioxidants and light stabilizers.

ETHANOX® 330 for HDPE Pipe Applications


ETHANOX™ 330 antioxidant exhibits superior performance over typical high molecular weight antioxidants in controlling the degradation of polyolefin polymers during processing. Hydrolysis of the ester groups of competitive equivalent antioxidants in deionized water and the resulting migration from PP films were demonstrated via HPLC. ETHANOX™ 330 does not have these ester linkages, thus exhibiting superior resistance to hydrolysis.

Why Choose ETHANOX® 330?
  • High molecular weight crystalline powder
  • Provides long-term stability
  • Superior processing stabilizer
  • Biologically inert
  • Extremely low extractability
  • Good benefits in filled and flame-retarded use
  • Does not impart odor or color
  • Electrically neutral

Extraction Resistance of ETHANOX® 330 in HDPE Pipe

Through the extraction resistance test, there is no loss of ETHANOX™ 330.

Extruded Pipe (OD=63mm) containing 0.1% Radio-labeled
ETHANOX® 330, aged @ 60°C for 3 months


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