DOWCAL™ Propylene Glycol Thermal Fluids

DOWCAL™ Propylene Glycol Thermal Fluids

Key Applications

Oil & Gas; Closed Loop Systems; Secondary Coolant; HVAC; Geothermal; Ground Source Heat Pump; Radiant Heating; Snow Melt Systems; Immersion Freezing; Process Cooling; Process Heating; Solar Heating; Thermal Energy Storage; Fermentation Cooling

Product Description

DOWCAL™ Propylene Glycol Thermal Fluids are often used in demanding applications, such as fermentation cooling, immersion freezing, HVAC, renewable energy, and food and pharmaceutical applications, where propylene glycol solutions are preferred or even required.


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DOWCAL™ 200 DOWCAL™ 200 heat transfer fluid is a propylene glycol-based fluid capable of operating at higher temperatures than other propylene glycol fluids. This fluid is low in acute oral toxicity and contains a specially formulated inhibitor package that helps prevent corrosion of materials common in HVAC construction, food and beverage processing, and other systems. Suitable applications include: single fluid process heating and cooling; closed-loop, water-based heating and air conditioning systems where propylene glycol-based fluids are preferred or required; and food industry applications within temperature range. SDS TDS
DOWCAL™ N DOWCAL™ N heat transfer fluid is a NSF-approved, propylene glycol-based fluid that is low in acute oral toxicity and widely used to depress freeze points in food and beverage processing and in other applications. DOWCAL™ N features a specially formulated corrosion inhibitor package and can be used for direct and indirect food additive applications. SDS* TDS
DOWCAL™ pGEO DOWCAL™ pGEO heat transfer fluid is a propylene glycol-based fluid intended for geothermal heat pump systems. The typical ground source heat pump (GSHP) will circulate the DOWCAL™ pGEO dilution through the geothermal coils using the earth's constant temperature to exchange hot air for cooler in the summer and cold air for warmer in the winter months.

DOWCAL™ pGEO inhibited heat transfer fluid is available in green concentrate and a variety of packaging size. Diluted to a 20% concentration DOWCAL™ geothermal fluids provides corrosion protection while maintaining pumping efficiency.