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DOWCAL™ Propylene Glycol Heat Transfer Fluid

Key Applications

Oil & Gas; Closed Loop Systems; Secondary Coolant; HVAC; Geothermal; Ground Source Heat Pump; Radiant Heating; Snow Melt Systems; Immersion Freezing; Process Cooling; Process Heating; Solar Heating; Thermal Energy Storage; Fermentation Cooling

Product Description

DOWCAL™ Propylene Glycol Heat Transfer Fluid is developed by Dow Chemical and designed for a range of applications needing efficient thermal management, freeze protection, and system reliability. These fluids are crafted to be low in toxicity and environmentally friendly. DOWCAL™ Propylene Glycol is a heat transfer fluid that offers a safe, efficient, and eco-friendly solution for a wide variety of applications. This Propylene Glycol heat transfer fluid from Dow, is offered in the following grades: DOWCAL™ 200, DOWCAL™ 200E, DOWCAL™ N and DOWCAL™ pGEO, all of which provides different attributes for unique applications. DOWCAL™ Propylene Glycol provides a high thermal conductivity and a specific heat capacity that ensures an efficient heat transfer in both heating and cooling applications. Moreover, Propylene glycol-based fluids have significantly lower toxicity than ethylene glycol-based fluids making them safer to use in food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical application, and other sensitive environments. At the same time, it contains corrosion inhibitors to protect various metals such as steel, copper, and aluminum, therefore preventing rust and corrosion. Lastly, it lowers the freezing protection of the mixture, protecting the systems from freezing in cold climates and at the same time can raise the boiling point, allowing the fluid to also operate effectively at higher temperatures. Propylene Glycol from DOWCAL™ are ideal for food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, HVAC systems, solar thermal applications, geothermal systems, etc.

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