AQ™ Polymers

AQ™ Polymers

Key Applications

skin care; Hairspray; hair care; liquid makeup; lotions; sunscreen; water-dispersable polymer; creams; caulks; sealants

Product Description

These sulfopolyesters disperse in water without the assistance of surfactants or other additives. In water-based fomulations, they aid in the dispersion of hydrophobic ingredients and form clear-films at room temperature. They are typically used in personal care applications such as lotions, makeup and hair products to improve feel and adhesion.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
AQ™ 1045 Polymer SDS* TDS*
AQ™ 1950 Polymer Medium molecular weight sulfopolyester with a viscosity of 75-135,000 cP, dispersible in water without the use of surfactants SDS TDS*
AQ™ 29D Polymer SDS* TDS
AQ™ 38D Polymer SDS* TDS*
AQ™ 38S Polymer Solid-form grade that disperses directly in hot water and aids in formation of clear films at room temperature SDS TDS
AQ™ 48 Ultra Polymer Pellet-form grade with high compatibility to alcohol and low water resistance SDS* TDS
AQ™ 55S Polymer Pellet-form grade with excellent film integrity under high-humidity conditions SDS TDS
AQ™ 65S Polymer SDS TDS*