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AQ™ Polymers

Key Applications

Skin care; hairspray; hair care; liquid makeup; lotions; sunscreen; water-dispersible polymer; creams; caulks; sealants

Product Description

AQ™ Polymers are solid, water-dispersible aromatic sulfopolyester resins. They are commonly used as a film former in coating, ink, adhesive, and textile applications. AQ™ polymers can be easily dispersed in warm water without the addition of surfactants or co-solvents to form stable dispersions of small, anionic aggregates. Water-based dispersions of AQ™ polymers form thin clear films rapidly at ambient temperatures when applied to surfaces. Grades of AQ™ polymers vary in charge density and glass transition temperature allowing formulators the ability to tune the flexibility, tack, and water resistance of films formed with these sulfopolyester resins.

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