Eastek™ Polymer Dispersions

Eastek™ Polymer Dispersions

Key Applications

Inks; Textile sizing; Overprint varnish; Wood primer; Flooring; Joinery; PET films; Foils; Paper packaging; Paper coatings

Product Description

These aqueous film-forming sulfopolyesters offer excellent chemical resistance, low odor and fast drying rates. They provide adhesion to substrates such as paper, textiles, PET films, and metallic foils. As binders in water-based primer formulations, they enhance the natural beauty of wood flooring and joinery.


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Eastek™ 1000 Polymer Dispersion Amine and co-Solvent free polymer dispersion containing 30% solids with good adhesion to aluminum. Fast drying, excellent alcohol resistance and low odor. Applications include overprints and printing inks. SDS TDS
Eastek™ 1100 Polymer Dispersion Amine, surfactant and co-solvent free polymer dispersion containing 30-33% solids with low odor, fast drying rates, excellent alcohol resistance, good adhesion to aluminum and neutral pH. Used in industrial wood coating primer systems, overprints, printing inks and pigment dispersing/grinding aid SDS TDS
Eastek™ 1200 Polymer Dispersion Amine and Surfactant free polymer dispersion containing 30% polymer and 2% n-propanol with excellent water, alcohol resistance and low coefficient of friction and good adhesion to paper. Applications include overprints, primers for industrial wood coatings, and printing inks. SDS TDS
Eastek™ 1300 Polymer Dispersion Polymer dispersion with 30% polymer solids offering good reducibility with water or water alcohol mixtures and fast drying rates. Eastek 1300 is alcohol, amine, surfactant and co-solvent free. Great for overprints and printing inks applications. SDS* TDS
Eastek™ 1400 Polymer Dispersion Polymer dispersion with 30% solids with good storage stability, offering excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates including PET films. Good adhesion to paper, metalized paper/films, SBS boards and aluminum. Fast drying with excellent resistance properties. SDS TDS