Eastek™ Polymer Dispersions

Eastek™ Polymer Dispersions

Key Applications

Inks; textile sizing; overprint varnish; tood primer; flooring; joinery; PET films; foils; paper packaging; paper coatings

Product Description

These aqueous film-forming sulfopolyesters offer excellent chemical resistance, low odor and fast drying rates. They provide adhesion to substrates such as paper, textiles, PET films, and metallic foils. As binders in water-based primer formulations, they enhance the natural beauty of wood flooring and joinery.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
Eastek™ 1000 Polymer Dispersion Eastek™ 1000 is a 30% aqueous solution sulfopolyester polymer. It is primarily used as a film-forming co-resin with moderate hardness and flexibility. SDS TDS
Eastek™ 1100 Polymer Dispersion Eastek™ 1100 is a 30%-33% aqueous solution sulfopolyester polymer. It is widely used as in coatings primer systems, overprints, pigment dispersion, and printing inks. SDS TDS
Eastek™ 1200 Polymer Dispersion Eastek™ 1200 is an aqueous solution of sulfopolyester polymer. It contains 30% solid and 2% n-propanol in water and ideal for primers, inks, and coating systems. SDS* TDS
Eastek™ 1300 Polymer Dispersion Eastek™ 1300 is an alcohol-free, aqueous solution sulfopolyester polymer. It offers excellent resistance and fast drying speed in paints, coatings, packaging, and graphic arts. SDS* TDS
Eastek™ 1400 Polymer Dispersion Eastek™ 1400 is a 30% aqueous solution sulfopolyester polymer. It is the ideal grade for excellent adhesion to PET films and general lamination applications. SDS* TDS

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