Bonderite Casting Lubricants

Key Applications

Lubricating Fluids and Greases


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
BONDERITE L-CA 193 Recommend to use on large surface areas where good surface finish is needed SDS* TDS*
BONDERITE L-CA 395 AN Improves surface finish and helps to extend coating life on the die surface SDS* TDS*
BONDERITE L-CA 632 Used for low pressure casting and gate & riser coating, this product adheres to mold surfaces and has high abrasion resistance SDS* TDS*
BONDERITE L-CA 633 For low pressure and permanent mold casting, this product provides a durable coating and can withstand temperatures up to 2000*F SDS* TDS*
BONDERITE L-CA 634 Protective coating that provides lubricating film on iron and steel molds. Contains high temperature stability up to 3000*F SDS* TDS*
BONDERITE L-CA 696 Used for ladle and launder coating, helps to extend coating life SDS* TDS*
BONDERITE L-CA CL-101 Offers high lubricity and release properties SDS* TDS*
BONDERITE L-CA RH 200 Water-based graphite dispersion that has excellent superior release and helps to extend tool life. Commonly used for coating release in aluminum permanent mold applications. SDS* TDS*