BONDERITE® Casting Lubricants

BONDERITE® Casting Lubricants

Key Applications

High & low pressure casting, permanent mold casting, coating release

Product Description

BONDERITE® casting lubricants help to optimize machine life and reduce build-up on dies. This will assist in improving part quality and your manufacturing process. These lubricants can be used on aluminum and non-ferrous metals.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
BONDERITE® L-CA 193 Non-toxic & non-flammable water based paste-coating for aluminum permanent mold casting. SDS TDS*
BONDERITE® L-CA 633 Inulating & lubricating coating for low pressure & permanent mold casting. SDS TDS*
BONDERITE® L-CA 696 Soft grease containing refractory pigments to provide protection from attacks by molten metals or fluxes. SDS TDS*
BONDERITE® L-CA CG 515 Primer base coating for low pressure and permanent mold refractory and insulating coatings. SDS TDS*
BONDERITE® L-FG F 50 Water based, graphite containing die lubricant for complex press work and automated hot/warm/precision forging operations. SDS TDS*