Bonderite General Purpose Lubricants

Key Applications

Lubricating Fluids and Greases


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
BONDERITE L-GP 4141 Corrosion protection for ferrous and nonferrous alloys that has a high flash point (143F) SDS* TDS*
BONDERITE L-GP 4232 Synthetic rust preventative SDS* TDS*
BONDERITE L-GP 501 Low-foaming synthetic corrosion inhibitor that protects ferrous alloys SDS* TDS*
BONDERITE L-GP 6041 CR Oil based rust preventative SDS* TDS*
BONDERITE L-GP RP-5 Rust preventative used on ferrous wire to prevent rust during transportation and can assist in the packing of wire onto reels and spools SDS* TDS*