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Henkel manufactures a complete product line of BONDERITE® rust preventatives for temporary rust and corrosion protection. BONDERITE® rust preventatives form a barrier on metal surfaces to prevent corrosion during post metalworking operations, transport, or while parts are in storage. BONDERITE® rust preventatives can also provide lubrication and help keep metal parts clean and shiny.

Rust and corrosion is caused by a chemical or biochemical reaction between metal and their environment. Corrosion can occur in many ways (e.g. rust) and under the right circumstances flash rust can happen within seconds. Flash rust is not uncommon between metal surface treatment and cleaning steps, which creates the need for temporary rust protection. BONDERITE® rust prevention products have corrosion control solutions for protection times as short as two weeks to longer term protection for up to six months.

BONDERITE® rust preventatives are available as straight oils and in solvent and water-based forms. BONDERITE® rust inhibitors can be used to protect a wide range of metals and there are product solutions that can be applied via brush, dip, or spray. Contact us to speak with a technical representative about your rust prevention requirements, or explore the catalog of BONDERITE® corrosion inhibitors below.

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