Sodium Stearate
PMC Biogenix

Sodium Stearate

Key Applications

personal care; glue sticks; flexible packaging

Product Description

Produced from vegetable-sourced fatty acids and therefore imparts low odor, it provides great wetting, thickening, emulsifying and opacification for personal care products. Also, it can be used as a gelling agent in gel sticks.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
C-1 Custom mix of fatty acids, also seen used in deodorant sticks. SDS* TDS*
C-7 Alcohol based, typically used in deodorant sticks SDS* TDS*
NF, Powder SDS* TDS*
Sodium Aluminum 41, Powder Cosmetic grade SDS* TDS*
T-1 GE Vulcanized promotor, generally used in polymers however specifically seen in room deodorants. SDS* TDS*