Celogen® Chemical Foaming Agents
CelChem LLC

Celogen® Chemical Foaming Agents

Key Applications

sponge rubber; weatherseals; pipe insulations; mats; insoles; floatation devices; athletic padding

Product Description

These foaming agents enhance polymeric foam formulations by creating a lighter weight finished product, improving shock absoption and boosting thermal and acoustical properties. Additionally, they may allow a reduction of raw material. They are also used in applications in which the ability to generate porosity is desired.

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namekey propertiesdocumentation
Acticel® U SDS* TDS*
Celogen® 754A SDS TDS
Celogen® 760A SDS TDS*
Celogen® 765A SDS TDS
Celogen® 780 SDS TDS*
Celogen® AZ120 Azodicarbonamide foaming agent for producing many types of polymeric closed-cell foams, containing silica which functions as a flow conditioner. SDS TDS*
Celogen® AZ130 Azodicarbonamide foaming agent for producing polymeric closed-cell foam and a nucleator in some foaming processes, containing silica as a flow conditioner. SDS TDS
Celogen® AZ150 Azodicarbonamide foaming agent for rubber and expanded plastics applications which require fine, uniform, closed cell structures. SDS TDS
Celogen® AZ-1901 Azodicarbonamide foaming agent used for the production of cross-linked rubber and plastic foams. SDS TDS
Celogen® AZ2500 SDS* TDS*
Celogen® AZ9370 SDS TDS*
Celogen® AZRV SDS TDS*
Celogen® OB SDS TDS
Celogen® OT OBSH based relatively low temperature foaming agent which requires fine, uniform, closed cell structures used in the production of cellular rubber, PE, PVC, EPOXY, TPR, phenolic resins. SDS TDS
Celogen® RA SDS* TDS*
Celogen® TSH SDS TDS*