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Viton™ Fluoroelastomer Gum


Viton™ Gums are fluoroelastomers that do not contain a curative. They can be crosslinked or cured with a diamine or bisphenol curative, and peroxide curative for the APA grades, to obtain the final vulcanizate. Viton™ Gums are most suitable for compounders that have the necessary setup for the curing or crosslinking processes.

Viton™ Fluoroelastomer Gums are classified as A, B, AL, and APA types based on the amount of fluorine in the polymer and the monomer composition. Higher levels of fluorine increase their resistance to solvents and other chemicals but reduce their low-temperature flexibility. Depending on the application, a careful selection of the base gum and curative combination gives the overall best properties of the final vulcanizate.

Problems Solved

Control over the curing process and specific properties of the cured fluoroelastomer compounds
Elastomers perform in extreme temperatures while retaining its mechanical properties
Limited resistance of traditional elastomers to oils and chemicals at elevated temperatures
Changes in the mechanical properties of elastomers at low and sub-zero temperatures
Decomposition or degradation of non-fluorinated elastomers when exposed to oils, fuels, acids, and harsh chemicals
Permeability of elastomeric compounds for use in transportation fuel applications
Dissolution of rubbers and elastomers by aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons
Low electrical properties and burning resistance of rubbers and elastomers
Availability and supply issues of FKM and fluorinated elastomers

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