Viton™ Fluoroelastomer Precompounds


Viton™ Precompounds are cured fluoroelastomers ready for the molding processes. The ready-to-use products eliminate the difficulty associated with the dispersion of a curative. Viton™ Precompounds are most suitable for molders with limited compounding capabilities. 

​Viton Precompounds are classified as A, B, and F types based on the amount of fluorine in the polymer and the monomer composition. Higher levels of fluorine increase their resistance to solvents and other chemicals but reduce their low-temperature flexibility. Depending on the application, a precise selection of the right pre-compound gives the overall best properties of the final vulcanizate.

Problems Solved

Processing difficulties of Viton or Fluoroelastomer gums in molding facilities with limited curating capabilities
Elastomers ability to withstand extreme temperatures while retaining its mechanical properties
Elastomers limited resistance to oils and chemicals at elevated temperatures
Drop in the elastomers mechanical properties at low and sub-zero temperatures
Degradation of non-fluorinated elastomers when exposed to oils, fuels, and acids
High permeability in elastomeric compounds for use in transportation fuel applications
Dissolution of rubbers by aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons
Breakdown and degradation of polymers when exposed to atmospheric conditions
Low resistance of traditional elastomers to burning and poor electrical properties Long lead time and supply issues of FKM and fluorinated elastomers

9 Products
Viton™ B-435C container
Viton™ B-435C is a precompounded fluoropolymer that is designed for use in applications where improved bonding to metal inserts is required.
Viton™ F-605C container
Viton™ F-605C is a precompounded fluoropolymer that offers the highest fuel and fluid resistance among all the Viton™ A and B fluoroelastomers.
Viton™ A-331C container
Viton™ A-331C, formerly called VTR-6676, is a precompounded fluoropolymer with excellent mold flow that provides high tear elongation and resistance. Viton™ A-331C is designed for the injection and compression molding of complex shapes that require maximum hot tear.
Viton™ A-201C container
Viton™ A-201C, formerly called VTR-6402, is a precompounded fluoropolymer that offers a fast cure rate, excellent rheology and mold release in injection molding applications. Viton™ A-201C is designed for the injection molding of sealing devices.
Viton™ B-651C container
Viton™ B-651C is a precompounded fluoropolymer that offers excellent mold flow, high tear resistance, and improved bonding to metal inserts.
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