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Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC, one of the world’s top producers of olefins and polyolefins and a leading supplier of aromatics, alpha olefins, styrenics, plastic piping and polymer resins. The company’s Specialty Chemicals group offers a wide range of sulfur-based chemicals, alkanes, alkenes, aromatics, mining chemicals and natural gas odorants that are distributed across the globe. The LLC and its affiliates own more than $9 billion in assets and employ approximately 4,700 people at 38 manufacturing and research facilities in eight countries. Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC is equally owned by Chevron Corporation and Phillips 66, and is headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas, USA.

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Toluene Reference Fuel container
Primary Reference Fuel with 99.5% Toluene and maximum 0.05% Benzene
Soltrol® 130 Isoparaffin container
High purity, low odor isoparaffin solvent with a boiling point range of 335°F to 410°F and a flash point of 144°F.
Isooctane Pure container
High-purity (99%) hydrocarbon also known as 2,2,4-Trimethylpentane.
PRF Octane Blend No. 80 container
Primary Reference Fuel with 80% Isooctane and 20% n-Heptane used in determining Octane Rating.
E-III® Industrial Grade Fire Training Fluid container
Specially Blended Fluid to Simulate Hydrocarbon Fires for Training Firefighting & Emergency Response Personnel.
Diesel Cetane Check Fuel High container
Primary Reference Fuel with Cetane Value of 51.39 for ASTM D-613 Testing.
Sulfolane-A Anhydrous container
Sulfolane A Anhydrous is a hydrocarbon compound with 99.9% Sulfolane and is commonly used as an ink carrier or solvent for digital image processing
Sulfolane A, Low Color container
Sulfolane A Low is a hydrocarbon similar to the the Sulfolane A Anhydrous but with a much lower APHA color of 10 which is ideal especially for dyeing applications
TNPS 537 container
TNPS 537 is a sulfiding agent similar to the DMS and DMDS. It is commonly used in the activation of hydrotreating catalysts
Diesel Secondary Reference Fuel T-32 container
Secondary Reference Fuel with an Average Cetane Value of 73.61 for Use in ASTM D-613 Testing
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