Sulfolane W

Sulfolane W is typically used in an extraction process to separate Benzene, Toluene, and Xylene aromatic hydrocarbons from refinery reformate
Product Overview
Sulfolane W can also act as a foam inhibitor which increases the process reliability in the removal process of mercaptan and other organic sulfur compounds
Product Specifications
Ash : 0.1 max
Distillation -
5% : 282 min
Distillation -
95% : 288 max
Sulfolane, Anhydrous : 96.5 min
Primary Chemistry: Tetrahydrothiophene 1,1-dioxide
Problems Solved
Incomplete Aromatic Extraction or Poor Yields
Inferior Solvent Performance in Laboratory Processes
High Foaming Solvents & Difficult Solubility