Elvacite® Methyl Methacrylate Resins

Elvacite® Methyl Methacrylate Resins

Key Applications

inks; gravure inks; vinyl topcoats; lacquers; flooring; reactive flooring; plastic coatings; coatings

Product Description

These specialty polymers are available as minute spherical beads and are less broadly soluble than other resin types, yielding more solvent resisant coatings. They have high Tukon hardness, show excellent gloss retention, and color stability on exposure to UV light.

​Article: Elvacite® for Specialty Inks


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
Elvacite® 4348 Acrylic resin that offers excellent adhesion to substrates specifically when wet. Often seen used in concrete and masonry. SDS* TDS*
Elvacite® 1035 Very low molecular weight methacrylate polymer. Vinyl end groups are available for further reactions with styrene, acrylates, and acrylonitrile. SDS* TDS*
Elvacite® 2008 Low molecular weight methyl methacrylate copolymer used in lacquers and inks requiring low viscosity at high solids. SDS TDS
Elvacite® 2008C Same as Elvacite® 2008 however it's nonreactive and specifically used for reactive systems. SDS TDS*
Elvacite® 2009 Medium molecular weight methyl methacrylate that provides good solubility and flexibility. Softer, more soluble version of Elvacite® 2010. SDS TDS
Elvacite® 2010 Medium molecular weight methyl methacrylate polymer providing high tensile strength and hardness. SDS TDS
Elvacite® 2021C Elvacite® 2021C is a high molecular weight MMA bead resin with a glass transition temperature of 100°C. It is well suited for reactive flooring, coatings and adhesives. SDS TDS
Elvacite® 2041 Very high molecular weight methyl methacrylate polymer for applications requiring abrasion resistance, block resistance and slip. SDS TDS
Elvacite® 2051 High molecular weight, non-reactive methyl methacrylate polymer for use in reactive systems to reduce shrinkage and control viscosity. SDS TDS
Elvacite® 2971C High molecular weight methyl methacrylate/n-butyl methacrylate copolymer. Basic midcoat and topcoat formulations are available. SDS* TDS*
Elvacite® 4045 Medium weight methyl methacrylate. Often used in screen printing inks. SDS TDS
Elvacite® 4086A Hard, medium viscosity sold bead resin. Typically used in plastic coatings as it has great compatibility with binders and plasticisers. SDS* TDS*
Elvacite® 4170 Low molecular weight designed specifically for plastic coatings. SDS TDS
Elvacite® 4343 This thermoplastic bead resin was designed for specialty coatings and inks. SDS* TDS*
Elvacite® 4346 Specifically designed for environmentally friendly sound coatings and adhesives. SDS* TDS*
Elvacite® 4347 Specifically designed to improve metal adhesion, Elvacite® 4347 will work with unprimed and untreated metals. SDS* TDS*

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