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Elvacite® Specialty Acrylic Resins


Elvacite® acrylic resins are polymers that are based on methyl methacrylate and other acrylic monomers.  These acrylic resins are used in solvent-based lacquers, inks, adhesives, specialty coatings, and many other applications.  Elvacite® acrylic resins are available as minute spherical beads with grades that vary  in such properties as hardness, solubility, flexural strength, and solution viscosity.  These acrylic polymers are thermoplastic in nature and are thermally stable well above their glass transition temperatures (Tg) to a range of 177-232°C.  The properties of Elvacite® resins vary primarily based on the monomer composition and the molecular weight of the polymer.   

Elvacite® resins can be classified into one of four major categories based on the composition of methacrylate monomers in the polymer; methyl methacrylate resins, methyl methacrylate copolymers, ethyl methacrylate resins, and butyl methacrylate resins. The methyl methacrylate grades consist of PMMA resins of varying molecular weight and form the hardest and least soluble films of the product family.  The butyl methacrylate and ethyl methacrylate grades form more flexible films with broader solubility and exhibit better adhesion to nonporous surfaces.  The methyl methacrylate copolymer resins are intermediate in hardness and provide the best balance between film flexibility and hardness.  With over 40 materials available in the product offering, Elvacite® offers formulators the ability to easily optimize properties of acrylic formulations to meet the most demanding requirements.   

Elvacite® acrylic resins offer outstanding resistance to ultraviolet degradation, weather and abrasion. They offer high gloss, hardness, water-white color and transparency, and provide excellent resistance to water, alcohol, dilute acids and bases, chemical fumes and corrosive and oxidizing environments.  Elvacite® resins can be blended with various other resin types including alkyds, vinyl chlorides, and epoxies in order to fine tune the properties of coating and ink formulations.

Elvacite® acrylic resins are particularly well suited for use as a binding resin in protective and decorative coating and paint formulations for plastics, metals, concrete, wood, and paper.  When used as binders in coating formulations, Elvacite® resins produce films with exceptional clarity, durability, resistance to degradation by UV, and chemical resistance.  Elvacite® resins are also commonly used in printing ink formulations where that assist with pigment dispersion and durable films that adhere to most common flexible packaging substrates.  In addition, many of the butyl methacrylate grades are soluble in alcohols that are commonly used in ink formulations. 

To learn more about a specific grade of Elvacite select one of the grades listed below, or contact us to discuss your application with one of our product experts.

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