Tertiary Butyl Catechol Methanol

A solution of tertiary butylcatechol in methanol that is used as a stabilizer, antioxidant, and polymerization inhibitor for reactive monomers.
Product Overview
Tertiary Butylcatechol Methanol (TBC) is a solution of 4-Tertiary Butylcatechol at 85% solids in methanol. TBC is used as a polymerization inhibitor for reactive monomers that can become unstable during storage. TBC is also commonly used as a stabilizer and antioxidant for chemical compounds and organic polymers. TBC can be added to polyethylene, polypropylene, polychloroprene, synthetic rubber, and nylon in the manufacturing process to improve the stability of the product.
Product Specifications
External Appearance: Clear, Light Yellow Liquid
TBC Content:
80% - 90%
10% - 20%

Primary Chemistry: 4-Tertiary Butylcatechol
Features & Benefits
Efficient monomer stabilization and polymerization inhibition properties for trouble-free and cost-effective production, transport and storage

Convenient packaging for precise dosing on monomers, enhanced safety benefits and reduced costs due to a cleaner, safer and more consistent process

Inclusion packs ensure environmental responsibility and precise batch-to-batch consistency
Polymerization inhibitor for styrene, butadiene and other monomers, stabilizer for various organic compounds, antioxidant for polymers and oils