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Divis Lycopene

Key Applications

Supplements; Vitamins; Oil Based Foods; Nutritional Bars

Product Description

Lycopene is a naturally occurring oil- or fat-soluble carotenoid found in many red fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, watermelon, papaya, and others. It is often associated with its vibrant red pigmentation but is also utilized as a nutritional additive in dietary supplements and functional foods. Lycopene has been studied over the years, with research indicating that it may exhibit powerful antioxidant properties and could protect cells from oxidative stress by free radicals.

Divi’s lycopene portfolio offers a range of formulations to support the complex matrices of many foods, beverages, and dietary supplements looking for nutritional fortification. Lycopene may be used as a natural alternative to red-orange food coloring for products sold in the European Union (EU). ChemPoint is dedicated to sourcing high-quality lycopene ingredients from manufacturers like Divi’s Laboratories. We supply nature-identical, water-dispersible, and directly compressible microencapsulated beadlets and oil-dispersible liquid suspensions for optimum performance in your products.

California Prop 65–compliant
BSE/TSE/GMO/gluten free
Water- and oil-dispersible forms
Consistent color shade
Superior stability in both wet and dry applications
Ideal for softgels, capsules, tablets, gummies, beverages, and more

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