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Molykote™ Compounds

Product Description

Proven effective over decades of use worldwide, Molykote™ brand silicone compounds are versatile problem-solvers in challenging industrial sealing and lubricating uses. The grease like materials with silicone fluids and inert silica fillers provide good resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation while maintaining key properties over a wide temperature range.

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namekey propertiesdocumentation
Molykote™ 111 Compound NLGI Grade 3-4, translucent white lubricant compound primarily used as a general purpose o-ring and valve lubricant. SDS TDS
Molykote™ G-5511 NLGI Grade 1-2 silicone based compound with PTFE thickener. Offering excellent water resistance and commonly used in water taps. SDS TDS
Molykote™ G-804 COMPOUND Silicone based compound with silica thickener offering low volatility and commonly used in spark plug boots. SDS TDS*
Molykote™ G-807 Compound NLGI Grade 1 silicone based compound with PTFE thickener offering low friction properties as well as corrosion protection and commonly used in electromechanical applications. SDS TDS