Molykote™ Fluorosilicone Grease
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Molykote™ Fluorosilicone Grease

Product Description

Flourosilicone base oils provide the rare combination of handling heavy loads, high and low temperatures , harsh environments and low to moderately high bearing speeds.  They tend to change the least in physical form with age.

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Molykote™ 3451 Chemical Resistant Bearing Grease NLGI Grade 2, Flourosilicone based grease with PTFE thickener offering high resistance to chemicals, solvents, and water commonly used in bearings. SDS TDS
Molykote™ 3452 Chemical Resistant Valve Grease NLGI Grade 2-3 - Flourosilicone based grease with PTFE thickener offering good resistance to harsh environments commonly used in valves. SDS TDS
Molykote™ G-9000 High Temperature Grase NLGI Grade 2, flourosilicone based grease with PTFE thickener and a specialty additive package. Offering significantly improved lubricity in high temperature applications. SDS TDS
Molykote™ G-9001 High Temperature Grease The same as G-9000 except that it is NLGI Grade 1-2. SDS TDS*