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Dow Laminating Adhesives is a wide-reaching portfolio of adhesives and coatings for the flexible packaging industry and industrial lamination markets. They include the latest innovations in water-based, solventless and solvent based laminating adhesives as well as heat seal coatings for laminating films and foils for nearly every packaging application - from general purpose through high performance retortable, sterilizable, and ovenable packaging. 


Solventless Adhesives

MOR-FREE™ and PACACEL™ are 100% solids, two component, polyurethane laminating adhesive systems.  This adhesive technology offers fast processing efficiencies and improved economics to solventless lamination.  Solventless laminating adhesives are primarily used to bond film to film, or film to foil, to produce laminated structures used in general purpose and high performance packaging as well as industrial applications.


Solvent Based Adhesives

ADCOTE™ and LAMAL™ are solvent-based laminating adhesives that are used in a variety of food, medical, and industrial packaging.  These adhesives have been a main stay in the packaging industry due to their proven track record and reliable performance on a wide variety of substrates.


Water-Based Adhesives

AQUA-LAM™ and ROBOND™ are water-based polyurethane and acrylic adhesives that can be used to bond a variety of film substrates as well as foil and paper.  Water-based laminating adhesives are excellent for reducing VOC during the production of laminated structures used for packaging and labels.  These adhesives are provided machine ready and typically require no dilution prior to use.  


Heat Seal Coatings

ADCOTE™ and MOR-AD™ heat seal coatings are water-based and solvent based thermoplastic coatings that are used in heat seal applications.  They can be applied to variety of substrates and then subsequently used for sealing to other substrates through the use of heat and pressure.  Heat seal coatings are commonly used to seal lidding for condiments and dairy products.


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MOR-AD™ M-119 container
MOR-AD™ M-119 is a paper splicing adhesive that allows for more efficient splicing than pressure sensitive tapes used in printing operations.
COREACTANT F container
COREACTANT F is a polyurethane resin that is used in 2 component ADCOTE laminating adhesives. It forms bonds with excellent heat resistance.
PACACEL™ L 75-191 container
PACACEL™ L 75-191 is an isocyanate that is used in a solventless polyurethane laminating adhesive system. It offers incredibly fast run speed and cure time.
PacAcel L75-200 container
PACACEL™ L75-200 is the isocyanate component intended to be paired with Coreactant CR-201 or Coreactant CR-202 to form two-part, solventless, polyurethane adhesive systems primarily used in flexible packaging applications.
MOR-FREE™ 403 A container
MOR-FREE™ 403A is a solventless, two component polyurethane adhesive that is used as a laminating adhesive for flexible packaging.
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