DOWCAL™ Ethylene Glycol Thermal Fluids

DOWCAL™ Ethylene Glycol Thermal Fluids

Key Applications

Ground Source Heat Pumps, fermentation cooling, HVAC

Product Description

Ethylene Glycol Thermal Fluids, inhibited ethylene glycol heat transfer fluids, are often used in demanding applications, such as fermentation cooling, immersion freezing, HVAC, renewable energy, food and pharmaceutical applications, where ethylene glycol solutions are preferred or even required.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
Dowcal 100E Ethylene glycol-based fluid exhibiting lower viscosity and heat transfer performance for HVAC and chemical industry. SDS* TDS*
DOWCAL™ 100 An ethylene glycol-based fluid especially requiring corrosion protection at lower glycol concentrations. SDS TDS

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