Key Applications

Adhesives; paper coatings; plastics; tanned; leather; caulks; textiles; coatings; wood preservation

Product Description

Based on the active Diiodomethyl-p-tolylsulfone, these EPA-registered antimicrobial agents are useful in controlling microbial degradation in adhesives, paper coatings, plastics, tanned leather, caulks, metalworking fluids, textiles, coatings and wood preservation. Amical products are heat stable, effective over a wide pH range (pH 3-11), and offer broad spectrum activity against fungi, algae & mold.


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AMICAL™ 48 Amical™ 48 is an in-can and dry film fungicide based on 95% active of diiodomethyl-p-tolylsulfone. SDS TDS*
AMICAL™ Flowable Amical™ Flowable is a water-based dispersion formulation based on the active Diiodomethyl-p-tolylsulfone. It is recommended for use in water-based formulations where high shear mixing is not used. SDS TDS*
AMICAL™ WP Amical™ WP is a wettable powder based on the active Diiodomethyl-p-tolylsulfone. AMICAL™ WP is designed to be used in situations where dry blending of ingredients is desired. SDS TDS*

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