Molykote™ Multi Purpose Oils

Molykote™ Multi Purpose Oils

Product Description

Lubricants commonly referred to as "multi-purpose" typically fulfill applications which have overlapping performance requirement ranges. For example; a heavy weight hydraulic oil may also serve well as a light weight gearbox oil and be called multi-purpose. This "multi-purpose" designation should not be misinterpreted as low quality or not being the best  or most suitable for a particular application. It just happens to be suitable for more than one application given its properties.

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namekey propertiesdocumentation
Molykote™ L-0510FM Multi-Purpose Oil ISO 100 mineral oil based oil with a a rust, oxidation, anti-wear, and corrosion inhibited additive package. Commonly used in gears for food machinery. SDS TDS
Molykote™ L-0532FM Multi-Purpose Light Oil The same as L-0510 FM except that it is ISO 32. SDS TDS
Molykote™ L-0568 Multi-Purpose Oil ISO 68 mineral oil based oil with rust, oxidation, anti-wear, tackifier and corrosion inhibited additive package. Commonly used in hydraulic systems. SDS TDS

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