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Benzoflex™ Benzoate Ester Plasticizers


Benzoflex™ benzoate ester low-water stable plasticizers are used primarily to reduce the durometer of urethane systems. They have an excellent degree of compatibility in cast polyurethane systems which allows use at high levels to achieve durometer readings as low as 20-25 Shore A hardness. This group of products demonstrate excellent inert filler acceptance that provides wear characteristics and lower formulation costs for cast polyurethanes. They contribute improved tear strength, better rebound, and reduced swell with certain solvents and are adaptable to both metering and hand batch urethane mix systems. Common uses include business machine rolls, printing rolls, duplicating rolls, as well as gaskets and seals.

Problems Solved

Restrictrictions and regulatory concerns of phthalate plasticizers
Cure interference in polyurethane systems
Plasticizers and curatives high loading rate in polyurethane processes

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