Eastman Cellulose Esters


Eastman™ Cellulose Esters are versatile biobased polymers.  These organic acid esters of cellulose include cellulose acetate (CA), cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB), and cellulose acetate propionate (CAP). Cellulose acetate is widely used in the manufacture of plastics and membranes and ranges in substituition from mono to triacetate.  The mixed cellulose esters including cellulose acetate propionate and cellulose acetate butyrate have a higher degree of compatibility and are therefore commonly used as a resin modifiers and additives in coatings, inks, and nail polish. When incorporated into a formualtion Eastman™ cellulose esters provide increased durability, rapid drying times, improved flow and leveling, excellent UV stability, increased gloss, and reduced surface defects. Eastman™ cellulose esters are manufactured using renewable resources and are available in various molecular weights, substitution ratios, and hydroxyl contents. 

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