Nonchlorinated Polyolefin Adhesion Promoters

Nonchlorinated Polyolefin Adhesion Promoters

Key Applications

automotive coatings; automotive primers; plastics coatings; packaging coatings; inks; adhesives; OEM coatings

Product Description

These halogen-free products aid in adhesion of coatings to metal or plastic substrates and offer superior performance under extreme environmental conditions, such as high humidity or exposure to gasoline. Solvent and waterborne grades are available.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
Advantis 510W A waterborne, chlorine-free adhesion promoter for adhesion of coatings to plastic substrates SDS TDS
AP 550-1-25% Aromatic 100 SDS TDS
AP 550-1-25% Xylene A nonchlorinated polyolefin adhesion promoter supplied at 25% solids in xylene SDS TDS*