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Eastman™ resin intermediates includes a wide range of co-promoters, glycols, diesters, and acetoacetates. They can be reacted to create polyesters, monomers and polymers. Often working in conjunction, they will often impart unique properties to esterification reactions.
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CHDM D container
Waxy Solid, High Molecular Weight Cycloaliphatic Glycol To Manufacutre Saturated & Unsaturated Polyester Resins
HPHP Nuggets container
Hydroxypivalyl Hydroxypivalate, Free-Flowing Nuggets used for manufacturing polyester resins.
DMCD (Dimethyl Cyclohexanedicarboxylate) container
Excellent weathering, flexibility and thermal stability in gel coats.
TEP Liquid container
Clear, colorless liquid used as a solvent in many applications and carries flame retardant attributes.
NPG 90 container
(90/10) Liquid Mixture of Neopentyl Glycol and Water for manufacturing high-quality polyester resins.
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Eastman Resin Intermediates Articles
Eastman™ Resin Intermediates - Powder Coating thumbnail
More than half of powder coating processes utilize a polyester resin in the binder system. Eastman™ provides high-quality polyester resin intermediates that deliver cost effective production and targeted surface finish performance. Browse their solutions portfolio and learn how and why to select their resin intermediate products.