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Metakaolin Aluminosilicate Pozzalanic


Grace's Metakaolin is a highly reactive pozzolanic additive used to boost the strength, durability, and chemical resistance of concrete. It is typically used in combination with or in replacement of portland cement.

Grace's Metakaolin is a manufactured product that provides maximum consistency and reactivity, unlike other pozzolans that are byproducts of industrial processes, such as silica fume, fly ash, and slag. It meets the specifications of ASTM C-618 Class N pozzolans for use in concrete. Since it does not darken cement-based products, it significantly boosts durability without compromising visual quality.

In addition to concrete, Grace's Metakaolin provides specific benefits to other cement-based products, such as mortars and cement grouts. These benefits are as follows:​

-  Increased tensile, flexural, and compressive strength
-  Higher durability
-  Better efflorescence control
-  Reduced permeability
-  Mitigation of alkali–silica reaction (ASR)

Metakaolin may be used to replace portland cement, from 5% to 15% by weight, to boost the properties of concrete and cement-based products. Like other pozzolans, metakaolin reacts with calcium hydroxide created as a byproduct of cement hydration. This reaction forms calcium silicate hydrate, which serves as a binder, strengthener, and densifier for the concrete. It is through this mechanism that Grace's Metakaolin increases durability and chemical resistance by decreasing the porosity and permeability of concrete and cement-based products.

Grace's Metakaolin is manufactured in Aiken, South Carolina, where the raw material is mined and refined through a highly controlled calcination process.

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