Haltermann n-Decane
Haltermann Carless

Haltermann n-Decane

Key Applications

Solvent, Semi-conductor cleaning

Product Description

n-Decane is available in two different grades and is used as a solvent in various manufacturing processes.  It has been used in pharmaceutical API manufacturing, and as a chemical reaction, industrial cleaning, and electronic cleaning solvent.

Article: Replacing Discontinued Hydrocarbons


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
n-Decane 95 Tech n-Decane 95 Tech is a technical grade high-purity hydrocarbon excellently suited for crystallization, extraction and chromatography processes. SDS* TDS*
n-Decane 99 Pure n-Decane 99 Pure is a n ultra-purity hydrocarbon with a high boiling point (174.1°C) It is commonly used for special applications such as as injector testing fluid, solvent for room fragrances or oil for security printing inks. SDS TDS*

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