Haltermann n-Nonane
Haltermann Carless

Haltermann n-Nonane

Key Applications

Chemical Solvents; Industrial Solvents

Product Description

n-Nonane is used extensively as a chemical and industrial solvent in various applications and markets.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
n-Nonane 95 Tech A technical grade high-purity hydrocarbon suitable for crystallization, extraction, HPLC and SMB chromatography processes. This aliphatic solvent is also highly recommended for plastic foams. SDS* TDS*
n-Nonane 99 Pure A pure grade high-purity hydrocarbon used in organic synthesis and as a solvent in biodegradable detergents. This hydrocarbon is also an active ingredient in most varnishes, paints and security printing inks. SDS* TDS*