Bonderite Forging Lubricants

Bonderite Forging Lubricants

Key Applications

Hot and Warm Forging

Product Description

Bonderite Forging Lubricants can be used for warm to hot forging processes and will perform well under extreme temperatures and help to increase productivity. Product options include non-graphite, graphite or water-based products.


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BONDERITE L-FG 1105 Non-graphited water based lubricant for effective protection and release of hot forging operations. SDS TDS*
BONDERITE L-FG 151 Water-based forging lubricant with glass frit dispersion used for hot forging super alloys and stainless steels. SDS TDS*
BONDERITE L-FG 153 Lubricant for hot forging Titanium, dispersion of special lead-free glass frits in water carrier. SDS TDS*
BONDERITE L-FG 182 Graphite-in-water Lubricant for hot forging or die casting at extreme temperatures (1800°F). SDS TDS*
BONDERITE L-FG 658 Graphite-in-water based lubricant for forging operations of ferrous metals where metal movement is severe. SDS TDS*
BONDERITE L-FG 907B Unique blend of graphite, oil & resin designed to provide tool & part protection and good release for complex hot forging operations. SDS TDS*
BONDERITE L-FG ADAG C Water-based graphite dispersion that provides excellent thermal stability and lubricity. SDS TDS*
BONDERITE L-FG F 31 Graphite-in-water based die lubricant for difficult forging operations (hot/warm/precision forming). SDS TDS*
BONDERITE L-FG F 87 High-solids & cost-effective water-based graphite lubricant engineered for use on hot & warm forging processes on ferrous metals. SDS TDS*
BONDERITE L-FG F 90 Non-graphited water based lubricant for hot and warm forging on presses, upsetters & hammers. SDS TDS*