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JEFFSOL® Alkylene Carbonates


Huntsman JEFFSOL® Alkylene Carbonates are cyclic organic esters made from reacting ethylene oxide, propylene, or butylene oxide with carbon dioxide. They can be used as safe, environmentally friendly solvents due to their relatively low toxicity and readily biodegradable properties. In 2009, propylene carbonate was classified as a VOC-exempt solvent by the U.S. EPA. These properties allow JEFFSOL® to replace harsh solvents, such as methylene chloride, acetone, aromatic solvents, and other highly volatile and hazardous solvents. 

JEFFSOL® solvents exhibit high solvency, boiling points, and flash points. They also have low evaporation rates and low odor. This combination of properties makes JEFFSOL® a preferred ingredient for many companies formulating for applications such as cleaners and degreasers, paint strippers, agricultural formulations, and electrochemical cleaning. JEFFSOL® is also preferred in other applications as a tail solvent for inks, a reactive diluent for urethanes, and a water scavenger. 

JEFFSOL® can also be used as a reactive intermediate, replacing ethylene and propylene oxides and ethylene and propylene glycols in many reactions. Where substitution occurs, using carbonates may allow for a more selective reaction and minimize side reactions and contaminants. View options for Huntsman JEFFSOL® below. 

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