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SeaSpen® Carrageenan Biopolymers


SeaSpen® Carrageenans are water-soluble biopolymers derived from sustainably harvested Eucheuma spinosum, a species of red seaweed. The farming process for this seaweed involves replanting 10% of the farmed seaweed at the harvest site. This classifies SeaSpen® as a renewable biopolymer with several functional and sustainable benefits in many industrial applications.

SeaSpen® is a valued resource for industrial applications due to its utility in rheology modification, gelation, stabilization, and preventing syneresis. This makes it useful in replacing many chemical additives derived from fossil fuels traditionally incorporated in the development of coatings, inks, agricultural concentrates, gelled formulations, and several other applications. In coatings and inks, SeaSpen® is valued as a thickener and stabilizing additive, allowing rheology to be controlled while providing stability to dispersions and emulsions for increased shelf life. SeaSpen® can also help to control syneresis of water-based coatings and inks. When used in agricultural suspensions, SeaSpen® can also help to provide stability for active ingredients and is safe for the environment. It is biodegradable, is registered with the EPA, and conforms to FDA 40 CFR 180.910, 180.920, and 180.930. For gel-based formulations such as insect baits and air fresheners, SeaSpen® serves as an ideal gelling agent. Gels made with SeaSpen® are also freeze-thaw stable, providing long-lasting performance despite seasonal changes.

Chemically, SeaSpen® is an iota-carrageenan hydrocolloid that forms weak gels in the presence of calcium ions and after being introduced to heat. SeaSpen® may be added directly to hot water under shear to create homogenous aqueous solutions. When cooled, SeaSpen® forms a gel through calcium-sulfonate bonds, creating a helical structure. If SeaSpen® is added to solutions at low concentrations, it functions as a thixotropic rheology modifier and thickening agent. Learn more about SeaSpen® grades below, and check out the following article to explore more about SeaSpen® as an option for sustainable chemistry. SeaSpen® Product Article:

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