Monoethanolamine NF

Monoethanolamine NF is most commonly used to directly adjust pH or impact an inherent physical property.
Product Overview
Monoethanolamine may be used as an intermediate to produce nonionic or anionic surfactants. Foam heights and stability are better with the amine salt of lauryl sulfate, formed from Triethanolamine, than with a sodium salt.
Product Specifications
Physical form: Viscous iquid
Color: Clear, colorless
Odor: Slight ammonia
Diethanolamine content: 0.07% max
National Formulary grade
Primary Chemistry: Monoethanolamine
Features & Benefits
pH adjuster
Foam stabilizer
Viscosity modifier
Hygroscopic; water soluble in all proportions and miscible with numerous organic solvents
National Formulary grade
Personal Care products including cosmetics, hair care, skin care, baby care, and sun care