6/26/2020 4:32:08 PM
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Livent Lithium Hydroxide


Livent lithium hydroxide has the highest purity levels in the market. Specific grades offer reduced levels of minerals such as CaO, NaOH, Mg, and SiO2, which are known to be problematic in certain end use applications. It is available in two forms, anhydrous and monohydrate. Anhydrous LiOH is used as an intermediate generator in organic synthesis, a catalyst in alkyd resin manufacture and esterification reactions, a stabilizer in some photographic developers, and also as a heat sink material. It can act to absorb carbon dioxide from sealed environments as well. Grades of lithium monohydrate are useful for the manufacture of fine chemicals and specialty greases, specialty resins, and as a pre-cursor in making critical battery materials.

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