LIFETECH® Admixtures

Key Applications

Refractory cements and concrete, Shotcrete / gunite and rapid-repair materials, Self-leveling floor systems, Quickset adhesives and mortars, Ceramics and refractory materials, Specialty glasses and Welding rods

Product Description

Because of their fine particle size and narrow particle size distribution, LIFETECH® lithium carbonates provide controllable, uniform and predictable rates of reaction. They can be used to adjust and accelerate the setting time of cementitious systems, as well as manufacture of ceramics, welding rods, refractory materials and specialty glasses.

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LIFETECH® Ultrafines Admixture container
LIFETECH® Ultrafines is a 99% lithium carbonate product (Li2Co3) same as Superfines, but it provides the finest particle size and the highest reactivity of the lithium carbonate grades. It is excellent for use in building materials and industrial applications.
LIFETECH® Superfines Admixture container
Lithium LIFETECH® Superfines are 99% lithium carbonate (Li2Co3) with medium-fine particle size. LifeTech superfines is typically used in concrete, ceramics, and glass applications due to its reactivity and narrow particle size distribution.
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LIVENT Carbonatos de litio para Edificación y Construcción thumbnail
Lithium salts are known for offering improved performance, quality, and endurance to building and construction materials such as concrete, glass, and ceramics. The chemistries also provide unique characteristics and physical properties, which makes it ideal for use in a broad spectrum of industrial applications, from space suits to submarines, from lithium greases to air filtration systems.