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Momentive Custom Silicone Elastomers


Momentive custom silicone elastomers are high-performance rubber blends that can be custom-tailored to provide varying degrees of elongation, tensile strength, modulus, resilience, thermal stability, oil, fuel, or raditional resistance, along with designated curing properties. They are able to perform in extreme temperatures and weather environments while still providing an extensive service life. They are used in gaskets, hoses, connectors, tubing, appliances, coatings and adhesives, in industries such as automotive, consumer products, healthcare, construction, aerospace, electronics, and coatings.

Momentive's innovative portfolio has influenced the design of hundreds of applications
Silicone elastomer portfolio offers heat and moisture resistance
Liquid silicone rubber offers flame retardanacy, weatherability, dielectric properties, and biocompatibility 

Problems Solved

Lack of support and customization from other silicone elastomer manufacturers 
Inconsistent performance that does not provide required elongation, strength, chemical or weathering resistance
Other brands of silicone resin is not suitable for machinery or curing process
Limited service life
Lack of stability in high temperatures and extreme weathering conditions

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