SilForce™ Release Coatings

SilForce™ Release Coatings


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
SS4191A SS4191A is used in conjunction with SS4191B as a gum solution and crosslinker. Also SS4192C can be used as a catalyst, and SS4259C as an accelerator. SDS* TDS*
SS4191B SS4191B methyl hydrogen crosslinker for SS4191 system. SDS* TDS*
SS4192C SS4192C tin catalyst for SS4191 system. SDS* TDS*
SS4255 Release Modifier. SDS* TDS*
SS4259C SS4259C cure accelerator for SS4191 system. SDS* TDS*
SS4300C SS4300C is compatible with most vinyl functional silicone based polymers. works well with SL6100 polymers. SDS* TDS*
UV9300 UV9300 is a release coating designed to be used with UV9380C or UV9390C. General purpose with low to medium release force. SDS* TDS*
UV9315 UV9315 is a very reactive polymer, it is often blended with UV9380C or UV9390 in a photo catalyst solution prior to use. It also provides easy to medium release from rubber and acrylic based adhesives. SDS* TDS*
UV9380C Intended to be used with UV9300, UV9315, UV9400, UV9430, UV9440E, and UV9500 as a photoinitiator. SDS* TDS*
UV9390C UV9390C is a photo catalyst designed to be used with Silforce™ UV cure release system. Used in 1 to 4 parts of UV 9390C per 100 parts of coating for optimal performance. SDS* TDS*
UV9400 Same as UV9300 except viscosity is 225 mPa.S @ 25°C SDS TDS*
UV9430 UV9340 is a controlled release polymer. Most efficient when used with UV9315 or UV9400. SDS* TDS*
UV9440 E UV9440 E is a modifier polymer used as a release agent. Often used with UV 9300. SDS* TDS*
UV9700 UV9700 is a viscosity modifier designed to be used with SilForce™ UV9XXX formulations. SDS* TDS*