Armeen® Amine Surfactant

Armeen® Amine Surfactant

Key Applications

Acrylic Elastomers; Chloroprene Rubber; Ethylene Acrylic Elastomers; Chemical Intermediates; Filming Amines; Hydrophobing Agents; Rubber Mold Release; Corrosion Inhibitor for boilers

Product Description

These fatty amines used as chemical intermediates and processing aids. When used in mold release they reduce post mold shrinkage and weight loss and are less susceptible to blistering. Additionally, they can be used in low concentrations while maintaining effectiveness.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
Armeen® 18D, Flake Octadecylamine used as processing aid in wax emulsions, hydrophobing agent for silica, chemical intermediates and optimal filming amine for corrosion inhibitor SDS TDS*
Armeen® 2HT, Flake A di-Hydrogenated tallowalkylamines or a secondary dialkyl amine derived from natural fats and oils. SDS* TDS*

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