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Duomeen® Diamine Surfactant

Key Applications

Anti-flash coatings; chain lubes; metal cleaning; pigment paste

Product Description

Duomeen® products are alkyl diamines commonly used for corrosion inhibition, pigment dispersion, textile finishing, and flotation collectors in mining. In terms of chemical structure, these products are fatty amine compounds containing cationic amine groups and a long nonionic alkyl group. Duomeen® products are used as surfactants to improve the interface between hydrophobic and hydrophilic materials. Due to them being highly surface-active agents, Duomeen® diamine surfactants adsorb onto solid surfaces, such as pigments. Thus, they are excellent dispersing and wetting aids for pigments and pigment dispersions used in coatings and inks. Duomeen® can reduce coating and ink manufacturing costs through better pigment dispersion and increased adhesion. Duomeen® is also an excellent corrosion inhibitor and lubricant for metal surfaces, where it forms a protective layer on metals to prevent rust, making it ideal for marine coating applications. ChemPoint is a supplier of select Duomeen® grades. For more information, view the available options below.

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