QuaCorr® Resin

Key Applications

Fiberglass reinforced plastic; FRP Repair; FRP adhesive; Binder for sand casting molds; corrosion coating; heat resistant coating; high pressure tank coating

Product Description

QuaCorr® furan resins are homopolymers of furfuryl alcohol. These furan resins are commonly used for the manufacture of fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP). They can also be used to repair FRP as a body / pit filler or as the resin in an FRP adhesive. QuaCorr® has been a leading brand of furan resin for over 40 years.

3 Products
QuaCorr® 1300 Resin container
QuaCorr® 1300 is a homopolymer of furfuryl alcohol. This furan resin finds use as a binder in applications that require excellent heat and chemical resistance.
QuaCorr® 1001 Resin container
QuaCorr® 1001 is a furan resin based on furfuryl alcohol. This resin has been diluted with furfural to achieve a workable viscosity.
QuaCorr® 2001 Specialty Catalyst container
QuaCorr® 2001 is a phthaloyl chloride based catalyst. It is used to thermoset furan resins like QuaCorr® 1300 and QuaCorr® 1001.
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QuaCorr® Resin Articles
QuaCorr® - Corrosion Resistant and Fire Retardant FRP Resin thumbnail
QuaCorr® are furfuryl alcohol based resins systems for the manufacture of chemical and flame resistant fiberglass reinforced plastic equipment.