Kemamide® E Ultra, Powder

Formulated from unsaturated fatty primary monoamide from vegetable sources and demonstrates excellent color stability
Product Overview
These fatty amides provide a range of plastic additives, wax additives, and lubricants to various plastics applications.
Product Specifications
Amide 98%
Gardner Color: 1
Closed Tube Melt Point: 82 °C
Water: 0.05%
Primary Chemistry: Erucamide
Features & Benefits
Does not contain Phthalates or BPA
Available in bags, drums, and bulk sacks
Problems Solved
Food contact clearances for slip and lubrication additives
Regulatory restrictions with phthalates and bisphenols
Color stability issues from the exposure to light and air
Poor resistance of fatty amides against dilute acids and bases
Mixing difficulties with beads and pellet form slip additives