SI Group Elastomer Additives


SI Group Elastomer Additives include a wide portfolio of additives for a broad range of elastomeric processes and compounding needs. The product set includes accelerators, blowing agents, antioxidants, antiozonants, curing agents, bonding agents, and solutions for anti-scorch and protective wax.

Problems Solved

Discoloration and low melt stability of elastomeric products and formulations
Staining issues with the use of antioxidants and polymer stabilizers
Ozonation resistance in elastomers and rubber compounds
Slow or improper curing of SBR, EPDM, natural rubbers, and latex compounds
Insufficient foaming in closed-cell foams and sponge rubbers
Scorch and blooming in rubber and elastomeric formulations

23 Products
ROYALAC™ 150 container
Rubber curative and ultra-accelerator that provides improved scorch protection, high elongation, and prevents bloom. Rubber cured with ROYALAC™ 150 will not emit nitrosamines.
Adhesion promoter for predip polyester cord and resorcinol formaldehyde latex adhesives.
HEPTEEN Base™ container
Curing agent and high temperature accelerator widely used in molded and steam-cured natural rubber and pure gum compounds.
Antiozonant that prevents static ozone cracking under a wide range of weather conditions.
RETARDER ESEN™ container
Antiscorch agent for natural and synthetic rubbers designed to greatly improve processing safety with minimal effect on cure rate.
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