DREWMULSE® is a collection of emulsifiers or dispersing agents made from glycerin and different chain fatty acids.
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DREWMULSE® GMC-810 container
DREWMULSE® GMC-810 is mono- and diglycerides of medium chain fatty acids from coconut and palm kernel oils. It's used as an emulsifier for vitamin and mineral preparations.
DREWMULSE® 200K FLAKE container
DREWMULSE® 200K FLAKE is a glyceryl monostearate made with stearic acid from fully hardened oils. It functions as an emulsifier for food ingredients, suppositories, and ointments/creams.
DREWMULSE® GMO Kosher container
DREWMULSE® GMO Kosher is glyceryl monooleate made using glycerin and oleic acid from vegetable oil sources. It's used as an emulsifier, defoaming agent, and lubricant for food ingredients as well as a dispersant and solubilizing agent for flavors and vitamins.
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