Taminco Dimethylamino-2-Propanol 99%

High Purity (99%) Liquid Amine DMA-2P With CAS No. 108-16-7
Product Overview
Dimethylamino-2-Propanol 99% (DMA-2P) provides a high purity liquid solution for a variety of industrial, pharmaceutical and chemical precursor applications.
DMA-2P is 99.0% minimum (CH₃)̀₂NCH₂CH(OH)CH₃ and less than 0.25% water.

CAS No. 108-16-7
EINECS No. 203-556-4
Product Specifications
Color (Apha): 200
Clarity: Clear & Free of Suspended Matter
Molecular Weight (g/mol): 103.2
Specific Gravity (@20­°C): 0.86
Freezing Point: -85°C
Boiling Range: 121-127°C
Flash Point (closed cup): 28°C
Viscosity (@20°C): 1.5 cps
Vapor Pressure (mm Hg @ 20°C): 8
Refractive Index (@20°C) : 1.42
Primary Chemistry: Dimethylamino-2-Propanol
Features & Benefits
High Quality High Purity Solution
Pharmaceutical Application Grade